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Black, snakeskin patterned, leather upper is all that needs to be said. The style, the luxury and dangerous tone brings a unique pivot to impressive dressing. The only statement needed is the white, patent, leather lettering that spell BROOKLYN around the heel.

  • Signature silver wolf on inside tongue.
  • Pair the B’klyn Bam’s with customized snakeskin laces sold separately under accessories. Black cotton laces included.
  • Silver chrome rubber soles align the base.
  • Limited edition, magnetic enclosure with the Brooklyn Bridge ghosted on the cover.

Made to order, by hand, in the home of shoemaking
since 1901, Le Marche aka “The Shoe Valley,” Italy.

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Cutting-Edge Design

This classic tennis based sneaker provides a branded labeled tongue, a heel tab and embossed lettering. It has a low-cut upper design with front lacing closure and padded ankle collar, for a supportive and comfortable feel. This shoe is entirely crafted from genuine Italian leather with a durable silver shine chrome rubber sole. Comes with natural black cotton laces. Customized snakeskin laces are available.



A Unique Limited Edition Product
(Code #AG0667)

Bklyn Bam! is a protected design and Limited Edition product. It can only be purchased on the Rekanize website. You will receive an official Limited Edition Certificate, with the unique Limited Edition design code #AG0667



Collector’s Edition Packaging

Enjoy a completely custom and top-quality collector’s edition packaging featuring amazing print quality, handmade Italian construction and a solid magnetic clip. This design piece adds great value to an already exclusive pair of custom made footwear.

Free Shipping

Production plus shipping takes 6-12 business days.
Free Shipping to EU, UK and USA.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Receive a full refund if your are not completely satisfied with your order. Shoes must be returned within 30 days after receiving your order in pristine, unworn condition to qualify for a refund. Contact us to request a refund and confirm your address. A delivery company will then collect your package at no cost to you.

3 reviews for BKLYN BAM

  1. Toledo Boogz

    You need the drip? I’m talking super drip, the drip that has actual comfort too, the drip that lets people know as soon as you step out onto the scene, you ain’t playing with folks out here – then you need these BKLYN BAMS.

    The material used in the making of these kicks are top notch right on down to the packaging. You know when you unbox these that your money was well spent; these are the real deal. From the regular fabric shoe strings if you want to step up your casual look, to the snakeskin shoe strings (included) that enhance your night style, the BKLYN BAM will only accentuate whatever red carpet or gala look you rock for the night. And don’t rule out the day; a stylish brunch is always complete with the BKLYN BAM on your feet.

    And make no mistake, you don’t have to be from Brooklyn, because I am not, to enjoy the style and comfort these shoes are.

    Fashionable and comfortable for the right price – that doesn’t happen very often. Rekanize did their thing with these so pick some up when you can. You’ll be happy you did.

  2. Latisha Griffiths

    Stylish, slick, fashionable, dope are things you think about when you describe Brooklyn. So pair this with this dynamic sneaker that represents BK all day.
    You are getting your monies worth and some. Whether you are having a dress up or dress down day, this sneaker can be worn with anything!!! Comfortability is key and this sneaker gives you that too. When stepping into these sneakers your confidence level rises from 0 to 10, your Brooklyn swag comes alive and you better believe you will have people staring and asking you “YO where you get those sneakers from?!”

    Go tell a friend who will tell a friend who will tell a friend. Help take this brand and make it Global.

    Go ahead and rep BK (BKLYN BAM) from where ever you are. I dare you…

  3. usman

    Excellent Products

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