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  • Ave Laces


    A true sneaker head understands the importance of having your entire ensemble coordinate in harmony. The laces are the icing on top.

    These black and white marble shoelaces match the soles of the Rekanize Ave sneakers perfectly. Note the Rekanize logo printed on the black aglets as a special touch of authenticity.

    Represent in style.

  • Bam Laces


    Have you ever seen snakeskin, genuine leather shoelaces that match a snakeskin patterned sneaker perfectly?

    It is the complete package to highlight any casual or dressy outfit, not to mention the silver aglets (tips) that coincide with the silver soles on our Bklyn Bam sneakers.

    This is the crescendo of luxury footwear lacing.

  • Rekanize Crest Face Mask


    The Rekanize Crest is a symbol of honor, bravery and strength. Those that brandish the wolf sigil have conquered their fears and looked deep within themselves to Rekanize their truth.

    The crest face mask is printed on very soft, breathable lycra and features black adjustable straps. Your choice of replaceable filters.

  • Wolf Face Mask


    The pack survives on one thing, unity. You have a wolf within you that fears nothing and backs down to know one.

    Find your inner wolf which protrudes through this Rekanize face mask equipped with filters and black adjustable straps.

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