Footwear essentials meet luxury grit.



The Rekanize Wolf represents power, courage, and confidence believed to exist in every being.

Some people tend to hold back, worry about what others think, underestimate their potential, and second guess their sixth sense.

Know you can accomplish what you desire. Know people can never intimidate nor block your dreams unless you allow them. Know your Wolf will always protect and guide you to levels beyond your aspirations. Hence the moto, Rekanize your truth.

The Rekanize brand was imagined, designed and developed by Althea Robotham, a Brooklynite who believes if you feel your desire from within, it will become the force that moves you.

Her love for footwear and style provided the motivation to produce her own line of footwear with a hint of Brooklyn grit and a dash of opulence. When you wear shoes/sneakers you feel good in, there’s a certain confidence in the air that surrounds you. Each step is a wink to the world that you have the walk to back up the talk. It completes the ensemble that makes them look from head to toe.

In an effort to offer more value to customers, new products will be coming this year focusing on cleansing footwear professionally.



You decide.
You persevere.
You conquer.

Rekanize your truth.