Footwear essentials meet luxury grit.

Artist @montagevizart Artist thoughts: “I have made a very bold move and just completed a painting of an old man (no one in particular) I have never painted males!! I’m trying to break away a bit from isolating myself to just painting females.” . Tell us what you think of it below. . . #perthcity […]

Follow Artist: @mahanarts1 Website: . Title 1: “Finding My Center” Size: 12” x 12” Medium: Mixed Media (Oil Pastel and Wax Candles; Wax Painting) Description: This piece was created during a chaotic period in my life, where I was struggling to find balance and peace.  I wanted to create a piece that appeared ‘perfect’ and symmetrical. For […]

Follow Artist 👉 @kx2art Website: . Title 1: “ID Series” Collection: Curve Series  Size: 40”-48" x 6" Panels  Medium: 2D handworked aluminum with painting on wood panels.. . Title 2: “Constellation” Collection: Curve Series  Size: Diptych, 72” x 12”, 48” x 12” Panels with 1”- 5” depth off wall Medium: 3D aluminum construction, with oil on canvas. . […]