Footwear essentials meet luxury grit.

Follow Artist: 👉 @Farahnheight . Title 1: "Rainbow Walkers" By Randy Barton (Diné) @randy_boogie Size: 10’ x 4.5’ Medium: Acrylic/spray paint/art marker Description: Navajo Rainbow People are most commonly depicted in sandpaintings The center of the painting is the pool at the Place-of-the-walking-flag-plants where the hero encountered the Rainbow People and was carried up to the Sky Land, […]

Follow Artist: 👉 @virtual_stimuli Website: . Title 1: “Mika, Art Warrior” Size:  24” x 36”  Medium: Ink acrylic and chalk on canvas . Title 2: “Untitled” Size: 24” x 36”  Medium: Ink, acrylic, charcoal and pencil on raw canvas . Title 3: “Untitled” Size: 4 panels Medium: Acrylic on canvas . #art #charcoal #ink #madebyhand #warrior #femalewarrior […]