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Creator @irisvanherpen Collaboration creates community ~ The ‘Galactic Glitch’ dress was made in collaboration with artist and professor @Philip.Beesley For this dress, vermillion red cloud-printed silk was bonded to mylar and laser cut into the finest lace of thousands of 1 mm harmonica-waves that dance with the body. ~ Model: @akiima Videography: @blitzkickers Styling: @patti_wilson Make-up: @terrybarberonbeauty  Hair: @martincullen65 … .. #irisvanherpen […]

Artist @funkypaint 👽🍄 Alien Mushroom Forest @atomic.smoke .. .. . #tampa #florida #spraypaint #mural #art #funkypaint #atomicsmokeshop #mushroomart #sprayart #nightscene #dreamart #alienart #floridaartist #funkypaint #forestart #artoftheday #spraycanartist #artislife #weknowcity (Source:

Brooklyn BAM sneakers by Rekanize.Who are you?What do you represent?ConfidenceStrengthLoyaltyYour inner wolf will lead you to greatness.Rekanize your potential.#Rekanize you determine your worth.#Rekanizeyourtruth..We believe if you tap into your inner wolf, he/she will guide you to level up into a fearless, strong, and motivated person. Understand you can make your dreams a reality. Design your […]

“A bond that has declined in value due to credit deterioration to become a junk bond.” – Damilola Olusegun @dame-art1 . Medium: Charcoal on canvas Size: 45 in x 72in Year: 2020 . @jerrytune_official .. Models: @perla_models and @jotkid … Reference picture by @lypixstudios (Source:

Follow Artist: 👉🏾 @eugen_fomenko Title: Loading Size: 160 x 100cm Medium: oil on canvas (Source:

Need ideas for your next art projects? . All you have to do is take a stroll through your neighborhood, or a drive, or a bike ride, stare at the sky, listen to relaxing music, walk along the beach, make footprints in the snow, watch how nature transforms everyday and be inspired to do the […]

📣 CALLING ALL ARTISTS! The Coral Springs Museum of Art @coralspringsmoa presents the “Diaspora” art exhibit. . Explore the theme, “DIASPORA” in a time of change. It is a term used to describe movements in population from one country to another. .. 🖼️️️ Submit art that explores symbolism, story and beyond or any interpretation of […]

Introducing The 4 Liter Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier  by Everlasting Comfort . By using a whisper quiet motor, let the cool mist humidifier transform your indoor space into a harmonious ecosystem. Up to 300sq ft of space. . ETL certified by Intertek’s Electrical Testing Labs for safety and reliability . We have been using this product […]

Introducing our latest creation called the BKLYN BAM. … Styled with the true Brooklynite in mind, this sneaker possesses a distinct go-getter attitude infused with a Brooklyn all day mentality. … Features include: 1. Leather upper python pattern 2. White patent leather embossed lettering 3. Silver chrome sole 4. Padded ankles 5. Silver chromed out […]

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