Footwear essentials meet luxury grit.

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Image 1: Violinist
Medium: Pencil
Description: said “I visited Grand Central Terminal on a Sunday to see the Transit Museum, however as soon as I came up the subway steps, I heard the sound of the supremely talented violinist Eliano Braz. I stopped and drew him playing for two hours. we became friends and he really liked the drawing.”
Image 2: College Point DMV
Medium: pentel brush pen, drawing board and paper
Description: People waiting at the DMV to be called. 
Location: Queens, NY
Image 3: Cafe 31
Medium: Pencil/Ink
Description: Cafe 31’s interior commissioned by owner Dino Kelepesis.
Location: 220 W31 St, NY across from Madison Square Garden
#comics #freestyle #freehand #nyart #nyartist #elianobraz #cafe31 #dmv #pencilart #grandcentralterminal #subwayart #blackandwhiteart

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