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Times have changed what is art.

Have you ever seen an all white canvas with a single, solid, red circle in the middle? Maybe it was an all black canvas with one white circle in the middle. These paintings were not hanging in a gallery or make shift exhibit/expo or pop-up shop. They were displayed in a prestigious, well known museum being gawked by those anointed as art connoisseurs, curators and people who spend mansion money like water. While studying these masterful works of art did you say to yourself, wow this is magnificent; such depth, emotion, turmoil, breathtaking and soul reaching or did you say why is this in a museum or my little niece can do this blind folded.

This brings about the ever infamous question WHAT IS ART. Some say it is in the eye of the beholder. Others say it is in the pockets of the beholder. Art is suppose to communicate, express, emotionally touch ones soul, create discussions, and open minds. Artists eat, sleep and breathe their creative process to the point where it results in the birth of ones child sort of speak. As an artist, your entire heart, soul, sometimes even blood, sweat and tears have been immersed into every brush stroke, line drawing, clay manipulation, hammered nail, and glaze coat. Every aspect of art origination exudes an artists truth. It takes courage, determination and will to relinquish ones inner emotions for the world to see; only to stand a side and await feedback whether positivity or otherwise.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are well known media outlets that should support artists seeing as though they have art sections, but main stream is the only focal point they highlight. Galleries charge as much as 70% commission on every art sale. Expo’s charge $300 – $2000 and up for space for 1 – 3 days on average. You can’t forget expenses for traveling, display settings, art and promotional materials, lodging, and advertising. Perhaps after all of that you can afford a granola bar, ramen noodles and water to get you through.

These days, ART IS MONEY. ART IS WHAT’S HOT RIGHT NOW. Belief simply in the essence of art seems to have wilted to the waste side. You are not given a second thought or glance if your name is unknown. Local artists have an even tougher time to get ahead in the art world today. Word of mouth simply won’t cut it in this day and age.

Let art speak for itself and produce natural interaction once again. Artists develop their own stream outside of the norm and create their own path. Professional and amateur levels of artistry no doubt exist. The advocacy of true artists must become priority once more. This is the only way everyone has a shot at showcasing their work and allowing the art to call upon it’s owner. Let’s return to art being what speaks to you, what invites you, and what magnetizes you.

Draw it. Paint it. Digitize it.

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